Cleaning Up the Yard

Yesterday was my day for yard work and today I am so fucking sore that I could hardly lift my arms over my head to wash my hair in the shower. We had really bad storms on Thursday night, and my yard was covered with broken off tree limbs and piles of leaves. Some of the tree limbs were bigger round than my arm and were quite heavy to drag across the yard. Now I have a big pile of tree limbs and branches on the side of the house and the trash guys won’t come pick them up until the end of January. I guess I need to borrow somebody’s truck and haul these to the landfill that accepts yard waste. I don’t want a pile of branches sitting there for almost 3 months. Who know what kind of critters will end up trying to climb in there make nests over the winter. With my luck a family of fucking skunks would decide to make that their home.

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