Ready to Party My Ass Off

Oh yeah – tomorrow is the big night – our company Christmas party! The boss was able to book a private party room at the fancy schmanzy restaurant downtown called The Stockyards. I’ve only been there a couple of times – it is really expensive and the food is delicious. Plus it is a big part of Nashville history – it really was a building used by farmers and ranchers to auction their livestock, back in the day. But it’s been a fancy restaurant for at least 50 years now – where the elite go for an school style dinner, with bathroom attendants and servers wearing white tie!

Last time I went to the Stockyards for dinner, it was a company event – a regional sales meeting with guys who flew in from all over the country. We had the meeting at out office and then everyone went to the restaurant to relax and kick back. The boss called it “bonding” and it was really nice to have time to chat with each of the guys over dinner and get to know them a little better. When you like someone it sure is easier to work with them during the work week.

The Stockyard is all about huge steaks and great vegetable side dishes and for dessert they always offer pecan pie – without homemade ice cream, if you like that. They have a club in the basement with a kickass DJ and huge dance floor. The boss promised an open bar for all of us all night long – so you can bet your sweet ass that there will be some craziness and lots of fun at this party. I can’t wait!

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